BWITS - Carrousel 03

Security is crucial for today's (mobile) users, especially in an age of increased threats.

Technology plays a part in everyone's daily lives. Most of us carry a smartphone anywhere we go. Reading e-mail, using social media, or taking selfies and sharing them. Most use cases require Internet connectivity, including calls over WhatsApp. Most carrier subscriptions include a data bundle.
Many people, especially the younger generations, look for Wi-Fi availability as if it's water.

However you look at it, IT's a Binary World.

The demand for custom solutions and security is at an all-time high. Awareness of this demand is much lower, despite all the warnings shared on a daily basis on the Intertubes.

Our main drive is to help people with their technical issues, with a more personal approach. Troubleshooting and support are just part of the services we offer. Also going the extra mile, assisting the customer in an understandable manner to help prevent similar issues.

With experience in computer repair, Microsoft certified, and a love for all things geek, providing solutions to all your tech problems.

  • PC support & installation
  • PC repair
  • Remote support
  • Workshops, Training
  • Website (re)design
  • Custom IT solutions
  • Personal service,
  • and more...

Finding the problem and helping you understand the solution is the job of a tech hero.

How may this IT G33K help you today?
(also available in Dutch)